Thursday, 27 October 2016

    Bridal Buyer

    After 23 years of getting it right, we know the industry better than most, and we know what makes readers react. Bridal Buyer is the sector’s leading magazine covering virtually 100% of the retail bridal industry in the UK and Ireland.The magazine prides itself on original and authoritative editorial content, up-to-the-minute news reportage and in-depth market analysis; you get the best and most-detailed information on the industry, which is why its read cover-to-cover. It is also the only official magazine of The London Bridal Show, The White Gallery London and The Harrogate Bridal Show giving the reader the inside line on the looks, trends and names that will be shaping the future and giving you access to the entire bridal trade audience.

    Throughout 2014, the industry’s top magazine will bring readers close-up interviews with key players in bridal; carefully-researched information-based features that will assist retailers in making critical buying and  merchandising choices; detailed updates on new legislation that could affect business; company profiles and legal and financial advice.

    Retailers use the magazine as their industry reference source to find out about new products and services, and plan their purchasing decisions every season. By advertising in Bridal Buyer you are increasing the potential footfall to your stand as well as gaining new stockists throughout the year purely off the back of advertising in the magazine

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